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Rank Name Raised
6042nd James Gram James Gram 6years $120
3829th shannon goard shannon goard 2years $560
N/A Johnny Le Johnny Le 6years $0
5604th David Nguyen David Nguyen 2years $184
5852nd Alex Boike Alex Boike 2years $142
2931st Norman McLennan Norman McLennan $736
505th Manoj De Mel Manoj De Mel 5years $2,549
6487th Ann OBrien Ann OBrien $72
6984th Ryland Mollard Ryland Mollard 2years $36
1146th David Boak David Boak $1,508
1273rd Brad Walden Brad Walden $1,403
308th bryce stacker bryce stacker $3,145
3043rd Darryl Nelson Darryl Nelson 2years $708
N/A Angus Rausch Angus Rausch $0
7302nd Mark Haverty Mark Haverty 3years $31
2322nd Adam Kelly Adam Kelly 7years $925
6707th Sally McLean Sally McLean $52
N/A Juho Lee Juho Lee $0
254th Colin Cooper Colin Cooper 5years $3,376
128th Andrew Dart Andrew Dart $4,566