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Rank Name Raised
759th Vinnie Lum Vinnie Lum $546
762nd Dell Patterson Dell Patterson $544
763rd Peter Blackburn Peter Blackburn $543
764th Ashley De Souza Ashley De Souza $543
765th Clayton brooks Clayton brooks $543
765th Matthew Crowther Matthew Crowther $543
767th David Gyde David Gyde $543
767th Michael Ciavarella Michael Ciavarella $543
769th aleya vella aleya vella $543
770th Hannah Spinks Hannah Spinks $543
771st Ryan Thorp Ryan Thorp $543
772nd David Parkinson David Parkinson $542
773rd Connie Burns Connie Burns $541
774th Sarah Townsend Sarah Townsend $541
775th Stephen Lane Stephen Lane $539
776th Branislav Grubin Branislav Grubin $539
777th Gary Bexim Gary Bexim $538
778th Dougo Alli Dougo Alli $538
779th Dave Welch Dave Welch $538
779th hunter Hurst hunter Hurst $538