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Rank Name Raised
7925th Rose Hadden Rose Hadden $5
N/A Rose Luzader Rose Luzader $0
N/A Rose Rahilly Rose Rahilly $0
N/A Rose Waghorn Rose Waghorn $0
N/A Roseann Liccardello Roseann Liccardello $0
N/A Rose-anne Emmerton Rose-anne Emmerton $0
N/A Rosemary Campbell Rosemary Campbell $0
N/A Rosemary Cleland Rosemary Cleland $0
N/A Rosendo Cruz Rosendo Cruz $0
N/A Roshan Kharel Roshan Kharel $0
N/A Rosi Ta Rosi Ta $0
N/A Rosie Carter Rosie Carter $0
N/A Rosie Connelly Connelly Rosie Connelly Connelly $0
N/A Rosie Jarvis-Lemm Rosie Jarvis-Lemm $0
N/A Rosie Latimer Rosie Latimer $0
N/A Rosie Marshall Rosie Marshall $0
N/A Rosie Noke Rosie Noke $0
N/A Rosie O'Neill Rosie O'Neill $0
N/A Roslyn Navarro Roslyn Navarro $0
7622nd Roslyn Navarro Roslyn Navarro $21