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Rank Name Raised
N/A Warren Goadby Warren Goadby $0
N/A Matthew Chung Matthew Chung $0
5188th Eric Law Eric Law $31
2352nd Ben Phillips Ben Phillips $557
5214th Trent A Trent A $29
2702nd Dean Bavage Dean Bavage $503
1268th Werner Roberts Werner Roberts $1,001
N/A Nick Smart Nick Smart $0
1873rd Julie Orr Julie Orr $688
N/A Mark Wilson Mark Wilson $0
N/A Marcus Jenkins Marcus Jenkins $0
3760th Paulie Kennedy Paulie Kennedy $191
4383rd Paul Robinson Paul Robinson $95
267th Josh Moore Josh Moore $2,346
2138th Jason Howie Jason Howie $611
319th Adrian Beckett Adrian Beckett $2,114
N/A Daniel Cresp Daniel Cresp $0
3106th Jason Nicholls Jason Nicholls $347
N/A Dennis Briggs Dennis Briggs $0
820th Anthony Quinney Anthony Quinney $1,259