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Rank Name Raised
2326th Colin Meadows Colin Meadows $562
N/A Justin Warren Justin Warren $0
2218th Des White Des White $592
N/A Matthias Wagenstetter Matthias Wagenstetter $0
260th Shirley Lasham Shirley Lasham $2,406
N/A Shayne Vermeulen Shayne Vermeulen $0
4524th Bernice Redley Bernice Redley $72
350th David Kelly David Kelly $2,023
3231st Kylie Smith Kylie Smith $309
N/A Katherine Dunn Katherine Dunn $0
3033rd Matt Layden Matt Layden $373
3132nd Darren Kemp Darren Kemp $336
5332nd Helen Westmoreland Helen Westmoreland $20
2214th Peter Yeates Peter Yeates $593
158th Leigh Robinson Leigh Robinson $3,029
2251st Rob Bradley Rob Bradley $579
N/A Devon Mellin Devon Mellin $0
3408th Debbie Holt Debbie Holt $268
N/A Charmaine Hedrick Charmaine Hedrick $504
N/A Phillip Jang Phillip Jang $72