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Rank Name Raised
3338th Ben Kleinschmidt Ben Kleinschmidt $285
2416th Nathan Gannon Nathan Gannon $544
N/A Shane Jones Shane Jones $0
364th Tony Simeone Tony Simeone $2,002
83rd Darren Forbes Darren Forbes $3,593
4671st Lorenzo Del Mann Lorenzo Del Mann $62
3022nd Amber Larson Amber Larson $379
3428th Gareth Baker Gareth Baker $263
1094th Todd Oliver Todd Oliver $1,077
101st Stephen Williams Stephen Williams $3,408
2155th Maureen Joyce Maureen Joyce $608
789th Luke Moore Luke Moore $1,294
2088th Steve Smith Steve Smith $626
2715th Mathew Ozolins Mathew Ozolins $502
N/A Jacob Pollard Jacob Pollard $0
2201st Brayden Robinson Brayden Robinson $596
2255th Nathan Wernowski Nathan Wernowski $578
4293rd Bruce Dickson Bruce Dickson $102
1455th Ivan Zrilic Ivan Zrilic $862
1349th Peter Spicer Peter Spicer $925