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Rank Name Raised
3821st Will Cho Will Cho $177.51
4732nd Willemijn Passtoors Willemijn Passtoors $51.75
3523rd William Bloomfield William Bloomfield $240.58
N/A William Ching William Ching $0
N/A William Lee William Lee $0
N/A Willy Hermosa Willy Hermosa $0
4634th Witt Vises Witt Vises $66.86
N/A Woan Koon Chin Woan Koon Chin $0
N/A Wolfgang Buss Wolfgang Buss $0
N/A WoongHee MIN WoongHee MIN $0
N/A Xander Johnston Xander Johnston $0
N/A Xavier Fuhrer Xavier Fuhrer $0
N/A Xiating Cai Xiating Cai $0
N/A Yasmine Kemmerling Yasmine Kemmerling $0
N/A Yinhui Chen Yinhui Chen $0
5029th Yogesh Mulye Yogesh Mulye $35
N/A yong kim yong kim $0
N/A Yoshi Campitelli Yoshi Campitelli $0
1464th Yuli Sim Yuli Sim $856.87
N/A Yvan Rodriguez Yvan Rodriguez $0