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Rank Name Raised
176th Paul Cornish Paul Cornish $796.71
177th Justin Hammond Justin Hammond $795.49
178th Dean Sandham Dean Sandham $794.06
179th Jon Bates Jon Bates $792.95
180th Kirsten Johnston Kirsten Johnston $791.78
181st Jacob Mulholland Jacob Mulholland $788.62
182nd Alex Heta Alex Heta $788.52
183rd Tom Whittaker Tom Whittaker $777.05
184th Ray McIntosh Ray McIntosh $776.25
185th Gary Holt Gary Holt $775.94
186th Mark Bellinger Mark Bellinger $775.83
187th Barbara Martin Barbara Martin $775.24
188th Jeremy Starr Jeremy Starr $774.28
189th Matthew Crowther Matthew Crowther $771.08
190th Ana Bodnar Ana Bodnar $770.75
190th Rod Freame Rod Freame $180.43
191st Robert Linton Robert Linton $769.87
192nd Claire O'Connor Claire O'Connor $768.63
193rd David Kelly David Kelly $766.16
N/A Jack Prentice Jack Prentice $0