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Rank Name Raised
220th Mark Carrington Mark Carrington $3,440
6442nd Mark Haverty Mark Haverty $87
3344th Matthew Crank Matthew Crank $628
365th Michael MacDonald Michael MacDonald $2,781
N/A Michael MacDonald Michael MacDonald $0
399th Mike Ayling Mike Ayling $2,656
5998th Nathan Dickson Nathan Dickson Nathan Dickson Nathan Dickson $124
N/A Nick James Nick James $0
869th Owen Pankalasin Owen Pankalasin $1,657
N/A Parris ONeill Parris ONeill $0
6861st PatrĂ­cia Abreu Patrícia Abreu $52
2606th Peter Quin Peter Quin $783
2116th Phil Gees Phil Gees $941
N/A Rob Dean Rob Dean $0
225th Robert Amos Robert Amos $3,395
3856th Rodney Welch Rodney Welch $542
1677th Ron Jacks Ron Jacks $1,099
1187th Russell Speight Russell Speight $1,373
633rd Russell Worboys Russell Worboys $2,033
3499th Scott Wright Scott Wright $600