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Rank Name Raised
369th Sam Parker Sam Parker 5years $106
370th Douglas Hallowell Douglas Hallowell 4years $105
370th Edward Hallowell Edward Hallowell 5years $105
370th Hugh Hallowell Hugh Hallowell 4years $105
373rd Paul Groenewoud Paul Groenewoud 6years $104
374th Adam Boddy Adam Boddy 2years $104
374th Anthony Smit Anthony Smit 5years $104
374th Anton Van Heerden Anton Van Heerden 5years $104
374th Astrid Norton Astrid Norton 4years $104
374th Benjamin Williams Benjamin Williams 4years $104
374th Bill Pahl Bill Pahl 2years $104
374th Brenden Filbey Brenden Filbey 5years $104
374th Cameron Moses Cameron Moses 2years $104
374th Chris Finley Chris Finley 6years $104
374th Chris O'Keeffe Chris O'Keeffe 4years $104
374th Daniel Robinson Daniel Robinson 4years $104
374th Deena Keith Deena Keith 4years $104
374th Deon Garside Deon Garside 2years $104
374th Dianne Margaret Chellew Dianne Margaret Chellew 5years $104
374th Ethan Koeford Ethan Koeford 2years $104