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Rank Name Raised
1st Peter Quin Peter Quin 4years $600
2nd Katherine Flack Katherine Flack 7years $590
3rd Renee Cockburn Renee Cockburn 4years $381
4th Kristian Fennell Kristian Fennell $373
5th Kevin Blundell Kevin Blundell 3years $352
6th Birindr Singh Khalsa Birindr Singh Khalsa $109
7th Douglas Hallowell Douglas Hallowell 4years $105
7th Edward Hallowell Edward Hallowell 5years $105
7th Hugh Hallowell Hugh Hallowell 4years $105
10th Emma Bayliss Emma Bayliss $88
11th Melinda Jenkins Melinda Jenkins $72
12th Barbara Martin Barbara Martin 7years $72
12th David Ross David Ross 7years $72
12th Ethan Russell Ethan Russell 2years $72
12th Julie Goodall Julie Goodall 7years $72
12th Kellie Duckworth Kellie Duckworth 5years $72
12th Wendy Grant Wendy Grant 4years $72
18th Samuel Crutchley Samuel Crutchley 3years $52
19th Adrian Gifford Adrian Gifford 3years $36
19th Alexander Liso Alexander Liso $36