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Rank Name Raised
N/A Christopher Kirk Christopher Kirk $0
N/A Connor Burns Connor Burns $0
N/A Craig Beevers Craig Beevers $0
N/A Dan Nanu Dan Nanu $0
N/A David Bonavia David Bonavia $0
N/A David Stakes David Stakes $0
N/A Deborah Stein Deborah Stein $0
N/A Endre Hegyi Endre Hegyi $0
N/A Frederika Cover Frederika Cover $0
N/A Harvey O'Keeffe Harvey O'Keeffe $0
N/A Isaya Woytowich Isaya Woytowich $0
N/A Jacob Stubinsky Jacob Stubinsky $0
N/A Jamie Le Souef Jamie Le Souef $0
N/A Jamie Middleton Jamie Middleton $0
N/A Jessica Clarkson Jessica Clarkson $0
N/A Jessica Vanderstelt Jessica Vanderstelt $0
16th Joshua Guest Joshua Guest $21
9th Julio Valencia Julio Valencia $70
N/A Kael Reid Kael Reid $0
N/A Kelly Willis Kelly Willis $0