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Rank Name Raised
N/A razle wan razle wan $0
771st Steve Smith Steve Smith $98.33
772nd Garry COOPER Garry COOPER $98.15
773rd Kate Rutherford Kate Rutherford $97.45
774th Kim Broadfoot Kim Broadfoot $97.28
774th Simone Carvalho Simone Carvalho $97.28
776th Alison Heart Alison Heart $97.11
777th Judyanne Frank Judyanne Frank $96.58
778th Sam Whyte Sam Whyte $93.16
779th Lea Young Lea Young $93.16
780th Chee Wai Tan Chee Wai Tan $93.15
780th Conrad Smith Conrad Smith $93.15
780th Endre Hegyi Endre Hegyi $93.15
780th Jeremy Scorer Jeremy Scorer $93.15
780th Rodney O'Halloran Rodney O'Halloran $93.15
780th Therese Zawodny Therese Zawodny $93.15
780th Tim Green Tim Green $93.15
780th Zac Bryant Zac Bryant $93.15
N/A Danny Bawden Danny Bawden $0
788th Antoinette Cole Antoinette Cole $92.80