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Rank Name Raised
1st Demmi Paris Demmi Paris $726.24
1st Malcolm J Little Malcolm J Little $600
2nd Manuel Maddalozzo Manuel Maddalozzo $520.99
N/A Lyne Wilson Lyne Wilson $0
3rd Nigal Marsu Nigal Marsu $520
4th Taylor-Renee Coker Taylor-Renee Coker $510.93
5th Jamie Harvey Jamie Harvey $448.04
6th Andrew Brightman Andrew Brightman $417.95
6th Melissa Sloan Melissa Sloan $242
7th Kristian Madaschi Kristian Madaschi $380.43
8th Paul Chalkley Paul Chalkley $352.99
9th Andres Pacheco Andres Pacheco $346.73
10th Nolan Humphreh Nolan Humphreh $343.73
11th Tim Chester Tim Chester $314.98
12th Ken Parkinson Ken Parkinson $309.93
13th Kylin Ljubic Kylin Ljubic $262
14th hien nguyen hien nguyen $253.50
15th Isabelle Saliba Isabelle Saliba $252.85
16th David Ross David Ross $251.83
N/A Julia Starr Julia Starr $0