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Rank Name Raised
N/A Ed Godwell Ed Godwell $0
N/A Aaron Anstis Aaron Anstis $0
295th Aaron Osborne Aaron Osborne $210.62
N/A Aaron Pickels Aaron Pickels $0
1377th Adam Vieglais Adam Vieglais $20
N/A Adrian dyer Adrian dyer $0
N/A Adrian McMahon Adrian McMahon $0
N/A Adrian Workman Adrian Workman $0
N/A Adrienne Grosser Adrienne Grosser $0
303rd alan zamp alan zamp $203.50
1324th Alberto De Almeida Alberto De Almeida $20.70
N/A Alec Kickett Alec Kickett $0
N/A Alesio Bejleri Alesio Bejleri $0
N/A Alex Claridge Alex Claridge $0
548th ALEX FONG ALEX FONG $103.50
302nd Alex Miller Alex Miller $204.20
1502nd Alexander Rodriguez Alexander Rodriguez $10
439th Alicia Alton Alicia Alton $128.68
N/A Amar Bahadur Shahi Amar Bahadur Shahi $0
N/A Amber Halabe Amber Halabe $0