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Rank Name Raised
N/A Matthew Crowther Matthew Crowther $0
119th Matthew Meehan Matthew Meehan $35
N/A Matthew Trede Matthew Trede $0
N/A Matthew Williams Matthew Williams $0
N/A Maureen Bickham Maureen Bickham $0
119th Mel Johnson Mel Johnson $35
N/A Melvin Dyck Melvin Dyck $0
N/A Michael Larcombe Michael Larcombe $0
N/A Micky Noonan Micky Noonan $0
N/A Nathan Maher Nathan Maher $0
N/A Nicola Stuart Nicola Stuart $0
N/A Nigel Robb Nigel Robb $0
144th Norbert Sernig Norbert Sernig $25
N/A Paul Klaassenppps Paul Klaassenppps $0
N/A Pauline Henley-Smith Pauline Henley-Smith $0
119th Peter Neale Peter Neale $35
88th Phil Rhodes Phil Rhodes $52
N/A Rajesh B Rajesh B $0
N/A Randy Krone Randy Krone $0
N/A Reef Bowden Reef Bowden $0