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Rank Name Raised
N/A Jesse Yeomans Jesse Yeomans $0
N/A Jesse Yeomans Jesse Yeomans $0
49th Jody Kember Jody Kember $228
100th John Wood John Wood $100
N/A Jonathan Devine Jonathan Devine $0
73rd Joshua Tominich Joshua Tominich $128
12th Jove Saravovski Jove Saravovski $570
N/A Kylie Mazzer Kylie Mazzer $0
168th Lawrence Atkinson Lawrence Atkinson $50
N/A Louise Khanbashi Louise Khanbashi $0
N/A Luis hernandes Luis hernandes $0
N/A Matt Cockburn Matt Cockburn $0
2nd Matt Simper Matt Simper $1,389
16th Matthew Cheeseman Matthew Cheeseman $504
70th Matthew Jones Matthew Jones $143
N/A Michael Stoetzer Michael Stoetzer $0
100th Michelle Ralph Michelle Ralph $100
217th Mike Westerman Mike Westerman $35
N/A Nathan Gannon Nathan Gannon $0
N/A Paul Pichugin Paul Pichugin $0