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Rank Name Raised
137th Darryl Shirt Darryl Shirt $457.08
138th Emily McGuinness Emily McGuinness $455.40
139th Andrew Carlson Andrew Carlson $455.28
140th Mark Andrews Mark Andrews $451.90
141st Geoff Kent Geoff Kent $448.48
142nd Dyota Dama Dyota Dama $447.59
143rd Josh Fraser Josh Fraser $445.64
144th Kylie Stewart Kylie Stewart $441.56
145th Rachael Nicholls Rachael Nicholls $439.89
146th Nicole Evans Nicole Evans $439.18
147th Matthew Squires Matthew Squires $434.70
148th Michael Nobes Michael Nobes $429.54
149th Deb Warham Deb Warham $429.53
150th Michael Scott Michael Scott $429.53
151st Robert Linton Robert Linton $428.67
152nd Sarah Dixon Sarah Dixon $427.78
153rd Melanie Day Melanie Day $425.95
154th Zoe Crouch Zoe Crouch $424.36
155th Zander Page Zander Page $423.13
156th Ruth Chen Ruth Chen $420.43