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Rank Name Raised
176th Connor Canlas Connor Canlas 5years $202
177th Bradley Lawler Bradley Lawler 2years $197
177th Brian Gates Brian Gates 2years $197
177th Peter Mclean Peter Mclean 2years $197
180th David Jones David Jones 7years $197
180th Hayden Mcdonald Hayden Mcdonald 3years $197
180th Ken Poole Ken Poole 5years $197
181st Sophie Heartfield Sophie Heartfield 4years $36
N/A Bridgette Ryan Bridgette Ryan 2years $0
183rd Kenneth Birt Kenneth Birt $191
183rd Steve Richardson Steve Richardson 4years $191
185th Dennis Shanahan Dennis Shanahan 2years $191
185th Graham Blow Graham Blow 2years $191
185th Mark Torpy Mark Torpy 7years $191
185th Nicollette Lum Nicollette Lum 6years $191
189th Donna Sullivan Donna Sullivan $190
190th Alon Manker Alon Manker 2years $190
191st Gerner Family Gerner Family 4years $181
191st Leif Sanda Leif Sanda $181
191st Scott Wilkinson Scott Wilkinson 4years $181