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Rank Name Raised
306th John Kirkham John Kirkham 5years $707
307th Dave Urie Dave Urie 4years $707
308th Bajram Billy Osmani Bajram Billy Osmani $706
309th David Mowday David Mowday 2years $704
309th Tyron Johnson Tyron Johnson 5years $704
311th Christopher Micallef Christopher Micallef 2years $703
312th Oscar Wardle Oscar Wardle $700
313th Stan Poniger Stan Poniger 2years $699
314th Gen Ryan Gen Ryan $699
315th Brett McMurtrie Brett McMurtrie 2years $699
315th Stephen Bills Stephen Bills 5years $699
317th Peter Lee Peter Lee 2years $697
N/A Barney Starcevic Barney Starcevic 6years $0
318th Peter Knight Peter Knight 4years $697
319th Madelaine Hamilton Madelaine Hamilton $695
320th Jed Metcher Jed Metcher $693
321st Dave Swan Dave Swan $693
321st Michael Hardacre Michael Hardacre 2years $693
322nd Taryn Hollings Taryn Hollings 5years $311
323rd Farai Musuka Farai Musuka 3years $688