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Rank Name Raised
309th Dale Zar6 Dale Zar6 $2,838
310th David Francis David Francis $2,836
311th Will Hone Will Hone 4years $2,833
312th Craig Buffett Craig Buffett 4years $2,831
313th Lisa White Lisa White 4years $2,830
314th Maria Klapsis Maria Klapsis $2,829
315th Sylvia Hall Sylvia Hall 5years $2,822
316th Ger Cummins Ger Cummins 3years $2,821
317th Peter Brooks Peter Brooks 5years $2,819
318th Barney Starcevic Barney Starcevic 6years $351
318th Jess Ballinger Jess Ballinger $2,812
319th Paul Schwizler Paul Schwizler 3years $2,808
320th Jake Karst Jake Karst $2,801
321st Paul Pallot Paul Pallot 2years $2,795
322nd Andrew Elborough Andrew Elborough 2years $2,790
322nd Taryn Hollings Taryn Hollings 5years $595
323rd Kenneth McNally Kenneth McNally $2,778
324th Josh Watts Josh Watts 2years $2,776
325th Nathan Gray Nathan Gray 2years $2,774
326th Jason Clark Jason Clark 2years $2,760