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Rank Name Raised
N/A Ali Solak Ali Solak $0
79th Kieron Place Kieron Place 3years $362
79th Mark Knowles Mark Knowles 5years $362
81st Russell Worboys Russell Worboys 2years $360
82nd Gail Drury Gail Drury 5years $357
N/A Omar Al-Saloom Omar Al-Saloom 2years $0
83rd Tyson Krsevan Tyson Krsevan 2years $357
N/A Debbie Dreoni Debbie Dreoni 3years $0
84th John Choroszy John Choroszy 5years $350
85th Richard Shepard Richard Shepard 4years $347
85th Rob Andrews Rob Andrews $347
87th John Krause John Krause 3years $342
87th Louise Ogden Louise Ogden 2years $342
89th Andrew Bonacci Andrew Bonacci 3years $337
90th Gavin Dicinoski Gavin Dicinoski 5years $336
91st Denise Dimokranitis Denise Dimokranitis 2years $333
92nd Kerry Humphries Kerry Humphries 2years $331
93rd Linda Gale Linda Gale 4years $326
94th Kym Lawson Kym Lawson 3years $326
94th Leanne Ford Leanne Ford 2years $326