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Rank Name Raised
N/A Kristian Law Kristian Law $0
N/A Kristian Wren Kristian Wren $0
N/A Kristina Rodriguez Kristina Rodriguez $0
N/A Kylie Lawry Kylie Lawry $0
N/A Laura Cheah Laura Cheah $0
N/A Laura Higgins Laura Higgins $0
N/A Laurie Hunt Laurie Hunt $0
55th Lawrence Atkinson Lawrence Atkinson $50
N/A Leanne Petrin Leanne Petrin $0
N/A Leeanne Driscoll Leeanne Driscoll $0
N/A Leesa McKnight Leesa McKnight $0
N/A Leigh-Ann Boyes Leigh-Ann Boyes $0
N/A Leon Gailitis Leon Gailitis $0
N/A Lesley Wilson Lesley Wilson $0
N/A Linda Kattenbusch Linda Kattenbusch $0
N/A Linda Kattenbusch Linda Kattenbusch $0
N/A Liz Cox Liz Cox $0
39th Liz Lindsay Liz Lindsay $70
94th Lou Muscolino Lou Muscolino $20
N/A louie hunter louie hunter $0