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Rank Name Raised
N/A Nathan Gannon Nathan Gannon $0
N/A Nestor Rincon Nestor Rincon $0
N/A Nick Beecroft Nick Beecroft $0
N/A Nick James Nick James $0
N/A Nicolai Bennett Nicolai Bennett $0
N/A Nicole Mayer Nicole Mayer $0
N/A Oliver Prince Oliver Prince $0
N/A Parth Shah Parth Shah $0
N/A Patrick Bannon Patrick Bannon $0
N/A Patty Edelburg Patty Edelburg $0
N/A Paul Anlezark Paul Anlezark $0
N/A Paul Bannon Paul Bannon $0
N/A Paul Bannon Paul Bannon $0
N/A Paul Clarke Paul Clarke $0
N/A Paul Dunn Paul Dunn $0
N/A Paul King Paul King $0
N/A Paul Nield Paul Nield $0
N/A Pauline Henley-Smith Pauline Henley-Smith $0
N/A Peta Newey Peta Newey $0
N/A Pete Donnelly Pete Donnelly $0