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Rank Name Raised
425th Charleen Williams Charleen Williams $1,808
426th Lyndon Wade Lyndon Wade $1,800
427th Tracey Smith Tracey Smith $1,792
428th Phillip Morrison Phillip Morrison $1,788
429th Mark Higgins Mark Higgins $1,782
430th Steve Lawrence Steve Lawrence $1,776
431st Robert Linton Robert Linton $1,776
432nd John Guest John Guest $1,775
433rd Kathy Mac Kathy Mac $1,775
434th Karen Crawford Karen Crawford $1,774
435th Vicki Hope Vicki Hope $1,773
436th Dianne Stepto Dianne Stepto $1,772
437th Justin Hammond Justin Hammond $1,770
438th Rob Garrett Rob Garrett $1,770
439th Les paine Les paine $1,769
N/A Mike Barenskie Mike Barenskie $0
440th Robyn Wilson Robyn Wilson $1,766
441st Jon Bates Jon Bates $1,764
442nd Alex Andrews Alex Andrews $1,761
443rd Sheryl Clarke Sheryl Clarke $1,761