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Rank Name Raised
826th Jamin Crawley Jamin Crawley $1,094.38
827th Jacob Mulholland Jacob Mulholland $1,093.15
828th Jagdeep Bajwa Jagdeep Bajwa $1,093.06
829th Josie Bautista Josie Bautista $1,091.70
830th James Marshall James Marshall $1,091.44
831st jim Denyer jim Denyer $1,090.99
832nd Robert Alman Robert Alman $1,090.83
833rd Shane Thomas Shane Thomas $1,090.81
834th Sara Neuberg Sara Neuberg $1,090.53
835th Jing Tan Jing Tan $1,090.39
836th Michelle Swenson Michelle Swenson $1,089.91
837th Evan Peacock Evan Peacock $1,089.53
838th Grace Newland Grace Newland $1,088.56
839th Luke Moore Luke Moore $1,087.11
840th Michael Penevski Michael Penevski $1,086.43
841st Kristy Mcdonald Kristy Mcdonald $1,084.72
842nd Dom Yuen Dom Yuen $1,083.33
843rd Mike Bowers Mike Bowers $1,083.20
844th Angela Goodfellow Angela Goodfellow $1,082.48
845th Meryl Douglas Meryl Douglas $1,080.66