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Rank Name Raised
830th Annie Brouff Annie Brouff $295.70
830th Jude Morganson Jude Morganson $295.70
832nd Ai-Vee Chua Ai-Vee Chua $294.98
833rd John Rayner John Rayner $294.11
834th Kindi Smith Kindi Smith $294.10
835th Aaron Yeoward Aaron Yeoward $293.75
836th Nicholas Heanly Nicholas Heanly $293.52
837th Emma Rhymer Emma Rhymer $293.23
838th Scott Henderson Scott Henderson $292.91
839th Scott Messer Scott Messer $292
840th alex brotherton alex brotherton $291.48
841st Narelle Crozier Narelle Crozier $290.71
842nd Josh Lewis Josh Lewis $290.53
843rd Clare Jamieson Clare Jamieson $290.52
844th Raelene pyers Raelene pyers $289.81
845th April Rose Clezy April Rose Clezy $288.58
845th Wendy Grant Wendy Grant $288.58
847th Jarrad Camilleri Jarrad Camilleri $286.37
848th Rodney McFadden Rodney McFadden $286.25
849th Benjamin Gaske Benjamin Gaske $285.61