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Rank Name Raised
2511th Andrew Williamson Andrew Williamson $526
1398th Michael Stoetzer Michael Stoetzer $894
N/A Brendan Sullivan Brendan Sullivan $0
N/A Avin Jansen Avin Jansen $0
876th Daniel Herrero Daniel Herrero $1,214
1214th Karen Petney Karen Petney $1,010
4311th Dean Hays Dean Hays $100
N/A Gregory Hyde Gregory Hyde $0
3760th Paulie Kennedy Paulie Kennedy $191
1476th Robert Baines Robert Baines $855
N/A Archie Chen Archie Chen $0
N/A Liz Cussans Liz Cussans $0
1720th William Thomsen William Thomsen $753
N/A Jason Pontt Jason Pontt $376
1029th Daniel Becker Daniel Becker $1,109
3527th Kevin O'Rourke Kevin O'Rourke $241
N/A Ben Tong Ben Tong $0
3489th Martin Shears Martin Shears $250
2612th Tym Zon Tym Zon $509
293rd Marlon Ramones Marlon Ramones $2,221