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Rank Name Raised
890th Tracey Rankin Tracey Rankin $232.88
891st Adam Gates Adam Gates $232.88
891st Brad Simms Brad Simms $232.88
891st Janette Newport Janette Newport $232.88
891st Kristy Gratton Kristy Gratton $232.88
895th Lori Millington Lori Millington $232.86
896th Lindy Fass Lindy Fass $232.18
897th Peter Diggins Peter Diggins $231.66
898th Christine Scott Christine Scott $231.65
898th Daniel Cook Daniel Cook $231.65
898th Fiona Kavanagh Fiona Kavanagh $231.65
898th Matthew Walsh Matthew Walsh $231.65
898th Roxy Davies Roxy Davies $231.65
N/A George Vlahos George Vlahos $0
903rd Joanne Weise Joanne Weise $231.49
N/A Ryan O’Donoghue Ryan O’Donoghue $0
904th Matt Ramsay Matt Ramsay $231.13
905th Lewis Gaha Lewis Gaha $230.47
906th James Topping James Topping $230.43
907th Sheree Geci Sheree Geci $229.77