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Rank Name Raised
345th Anitha Vallabh Anitha Vallabh 3years $124
345th Anna Russell Anna Russell 5years $124
345th Anne Burns Anne Burns 2years $124
345th Bob Ianson Bob Ianson 5years $124
345th Carol Sharbanee Carol Sharbanee 2years $124
345th Chris Young Chris Young 2years $124
345th Christopher Lal Christopher Lal 5years $124
345th Damien Van Rosmalen Damien Van Rosmalen 2years $124
345th Daniel Kirkup Daniel Kirkup 7years $124
345th Darryl Reichelt Darryl Reichelt 4years $124
345th Dave Urie Dave Urie 5years $124
345th David Cook David Cook 6years $124
345th David Eccles David Eccles 7years $124
345th David Mitchell David Mitchell 6years $124
345th David Reid David Reid $124
345th DB Black DB Black 2years $124
345th Dean Griffiths Dean Griffiths 7years $124
345th Debbie Love Debbie Love $124
345th Diane Rickard Diane Rickard 4years $124
345th Dougo Alli Dougo Alli 3years $124