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Rank Name Raised
539th Adam Puxty Adam Puxty $2,352
3642nd Duncan Baker Duncan Baker $592
1119th Ean Dungey Ean Dungey $1,479
5898th Richard Trissader Richard Trissader $145
7673rd Simon Dickson Simon Dickson $26
N/A Jason Bialecki Jason Bialecki $0
7250th David Hodgson David Hodgson $36
1567th Danielle Morrison Danielle Morrison $1,185
N/A Yousef Akbar Yousef Akbar $0
5492nd Ken Anderson Ken Anderson $209
N/A Ken L Smith Ken L Smith $0
3911th Eben Vermaak Eben Vermaak $549
894th Chris Wade Chris Wade $1,697
6288th Rod Ellwood Rod Ellwood $104
6503rd Mark Haverty Mark Haverty $87
N/A Ian Pfeffer Ian Pfeffer $0
1537th Virve Mujunen Virve Mujunen $1,201
N/A Jed Moore Jed Moore $0
4421st Jacques Chaperon Jacques Chaperon $496
223rd Craig McCully Craig McCully $3,554