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Rank Name Raised
N/A Jas Johno Jas Johno $0
3858th Bruce Michael Bruce Michael $556
N/A Rob Dean Rob Dean $0
643rd Dan Daly Dan Daly $2,097
182nd Ben OBrien Ben OBrien $3,821
4422nd Jacques Chaperon Jacques Chaperon $496
223rd Craig McCully Craig McCully $3,554
4540th Scott Lamprecht Scott Lamprecht $442
143rd Rodney French Rodney French $4,407
278th Bruce Glover Bruce Glover $3,282
206th Anthony Tu Tran Anthony Tu Tran $3,651
N/A Richard Tanner Richard Tanner $0
4830th Ed Godwell Ed Godwell $347
4444th Alex Matijevic Alex Matijevic $482
365th Avi Kassman Avi Kassman $2,867
2962nd Adam Kelly Adam Kelly $722
N/A Duncan Joiner Duncan Joiner $0
86th Luke Middleton Luke Middleton $5,592
425th Mike Ayling Mike Ayling $2,656
3585th Tony Smith Tony Smith $603