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Rank Name Raised
1499th Pullen Whanau Pullen Whanau $715.16
925th Dale Bowman Dale Bowman $1,013.41
971st Lyle Bartlett Lyle Bartlett $992.53
2265th Recovery Riders Recovery Riders $279.23
936th Darren Bowman Darren Bowman $1,007.71
5069th Steve Dangerfield Steve Dangerfield $25.88
1884th Kevin Colahan Kevin Colahan $588.85
580th Jenny Rowlands Jenny Rowlands $1,298.74
123rd Roy Bloomfield Roy Bloomfield $2,676.22
194th Rob Chivers Rob Chivers $2,229.15
188th Tony Mickelson Tony Mickelson $2,261.47
1649th Michael Scott Michael Scott $656.01
263rd Dean Glover Dean Glover $1,895.05
3368th Roy Sonnenburg Roy Sonnenburg $212.37
N/A Apurv Walia Apurv Walia $0
2037th James McPherson James McPherson $548.88
2022nd Jordan Vermeulen Jordan Vermeulen $553.09
2247th Terry Cavanagh Terry Cavanagh $504.11
3421st Jamie Walker Jamie Walker $203.06
3229th Samantha Robinson Samantha Robinson $239.52