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Rank Name Raised
613th Carmen Gregg Carmen Gregg $1,500
614th Brodie Rollings Brodie Rollings $1,500
615th Kerrie Maliszewski Kerrie Maliszewski $1,497
616th Dannielle Sherman Dannielle Sherman $1,497
617th Claire O'Connor Claire O'Connor $1,495
618th Andy Heath Andy Heath $1,488
619th Wesley Bamblett Wesley Bamblett $1,482
620th Martin Glastonbury Martin Glastonbury $1,481
621st Brett Cruickshank Brett Cruickshank $1,481
622nd Cristina Lisboa Cristina Lisboa $1,478
623rd Kevin Brady Kevin Brady $1,476
624th Sal Mills Sal Mills $1,475
625th Jake Delaney Jake Delaney $1,473
626th Vlado Taseski Vlado Taseski $1,472
627th Jim Hayhoe Jim Hayhoe $1,471
628th Zena Rhyne Zena Rhyne $1,469
629th Clint DeViale Clint DeViale $1,469
630th Barb Binks Barb Binks $1,467
631st David Farley David Farley $1,466
632nd Graeme Gillon Graeme Gillon $1,463