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Rank Name Raised
2294th Michael Whale Michael Whale $569
2569th Christine Lucas Christine Lucas $517
28th Guy Murray Guy Murray $5,625
1754th Kay Everson Kay Everson $742
5258th Michelle Tindale Michelle Tindale $21
2083rd Andrew O'Connell Andrew O'Connell $627
3954th Jo Wilson Jo Wilson $152
968th Andrew Carroll Andrew Carroll $1,148
55th Stuart McMurtrie Stuart McMurtrie $4,371
N/A Anne Goodwin Anne Goodwin $676
4237th Paul Schofield Paul Schofield $104
940th Peter Jeffery Peter Jeffery $1,169
4020th Darwin Cool Darwin Cool $138
2169th David Mcmaster David Mcmaster $605
N/A Jason Bull Jason Bull $0
1214th Karen Petney Karen Petney $1,010
365th Lyndell Ghietti Lyndell Ghietti $2,002
1915th Lynton Stretton Lynton Stretton $675
2803rd Michael Holloway Michael Holloway $482
3324th Elliott Williams Elliott Williams $289