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Rank Name Raised
751st Adrian Singline Adrian Singline $70
751st Andrew McArtney Andrew McArtney $70
751st Ashley Ng Ashley Ng $70
751st Barbara Martin Barbara Martin $70
751st Bernadette Abbott Bernadette Abbott $70
751st Bev Job Bev Job $70
751st Bronwyn Weaver-Pirie Bronwyn Weaver-Pirie $70
751st Brooke Doherty Brooke Doherty $70
751st Carolyn Guerin Carolyn Guerin $70
751st Colin Gibson Colin Gibson $70
751st Craig Buffett Craig Buffett $70
751st David Farley David Farley $70
751st Debra Parnell Debra Parnell $70
751st Derryck Mansfield Derryck Mansfield $70
751st Desley Burns Desley Burns $70
751st Dianne Carberry Dianne Carberry $70
751st Don Wong Don Wong $70
751st Geoff Burnett Geoff Burnett $70
751st Geoff Whan Geoff Whan $70
751st Grant Young Grant Young $70