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Rank Name Raised
N/A Rob Aughey Rob Aughey $0
N/A Rob Crackles Rob Crackles $0
N/A Rob Gregory Rob Gregory $0
655th Rob Schueler Rob Schueler $2,074
5508th Robert Astromsky Robert Astromsky $207
186th Robert Miller Robert Miller $3,783
N/A Robert Taylor Robert Taylor $0
996th Roberto Spada Roberto Spada $1,573
3892nd Rod Brannock Rod Brannock $552
N/A Rod Ellwood Rod Ellwood $0
6287th Rod Ellwood Rod Ellwood $104
N/A Rod Marshdale Rod Marshdale $0
6194th Rodney McComiskie Rodney McComiskie $114
2590th Roger Wine Roger Wine $814
6416th Ross Adams Ross Adams $97
5372nd Ross Dack Ross Dack $228
5079th Roy Brown Roy Brown $289
2301st Russell James Russell James $913
3703rd Ryan BG Ryan BG $580
597th Ryan King Ryan King $2,215