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Rank Name Raised
431st Steve Nielsen Steve Nielsen 2years $2,716
432nd Ryan Thorp Ryan Thorp 2years $2,714
433rd Otto Sahlberg Otto Sahlberg 2years $2,713
434th Lindsay Nowoselsky Lindsay Nowoselsky 3years $2,712
435th Cam Dudge Cam Dudge 3years $2,704
436th Robert Moody Robert Moody 2years $2,704
437th Ossie Sutton Ossie Sutton 7years $2,699
438th Marius Scutea Marius Scutea 2years $2,691
439th Alex Castro Alex Castro $2,691
440th Mark Hickson Mark Hickson $2,687
441st Michael Smith Michael Smith 2years $2,683
441st Sue Buffett Sue Buffett 2years $2,683
443rd Paul Nield Paul Nield 6years $2,677
444th Rohitha Dissanayake Rohitha Dissanayake $2,677
445th harley van belkom harley van belkom 2years $2,673
446th Valerie Bartley Valerie Bartley 7years $2,671
447th Simon Morriss Simon Morriss $2,669
448th Benjamin Conolly Benjamin Conolly 2years $2,666
449th Robert Petzke Robert Petzke 4years $2,663
450th Chris Pitcher Chris Pitcher $2,659