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Rank Name Raised
346th Mitch Chapman Mitch Chapman 5years $2,687
347th Lester DSouza Lester DSouza $2,685
348th Mark Andrews Mark Andrews 6years $2,680
349th Matt Croxford Matt Croxford 4years $2,679
350th Michelle Ralph Michelle Ralph 7years $2,672
351st Benjamin Conolly Benjamin Conolly 2years $2,666
352nd Philip Leck Philip Leck $2,659
353rd Jaxon Bill Jaxon Bill $2,649
354th Luke Middleton Luke Middleton 2years $2,647
355th Malcolm Platt Malcolm Platt 2years $2,639
356th Joseph Cavoli Joseph Cavoli $2,639
357th Mark Hickson Mark Hickson $2,636
358th Calum Stark Calum Stark 2years $2,635
359th Adrian Gifford Adrian Gifford 2years $2,635
360th FJ Amos-Mclean FJ Amos-Mclean 5years $2,634
361st Evelyn Chan Evelyn Chan 2years $2,629
362nd Lindsay Kelly Lindsay Kelly $2,626
363rd Rohitha Dissanayake Rohitha Dissanayake $2,625
364th Troy Little Troy Little $2,623
365th Kale Hardie-Porter Kale Hardie-Porter 2years $2,621