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Rank Name Raised
5112th Tim Smith Tim Smith 2years $248
216th Colin Cooper Colin Cooper 5years $3,376
33rd Hasitha de Silva Hasitha de Silva 3years $6,915
1754th Graham Brown Graham Brown $1,046
1542nd Leigh Thomas Leigh Thomas $1,137
540th Jamie Cooke Jamie Cooke $2,217
1836th Hazel O'Halloran Hazel O'Halloran 3years $1,018
620th Paul Rickerby Paul Rickerby 5years $2,060
N/A Jake Reynes Jake Reynes $0
371st Adrian Gifford Adrian Gifford 2years $2,635
196th Pete Butcher Pete Butcher 2years $3,503
818th Tony Ryan Tony Ryan 7years $1,718
4719th Giuseppe Strati Giuseppe Strati $348
N/A David Stakes David Stakes 4years $0
1343rd Steve Jacobs Steve Jacobs 2years $1,256
N/A Marco Hong Marco Hong 2years $0
4369th Ed Godwell Ed Godwell 4years $427
1243rd Dennis Shanahan Dennis Shanahan 5years $1,304
2664th Noel Bates Noel Bates 2years $752
980th Belinda Denniss Belinda Denniss 7years $1,527