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Rank Name Raised
6176th Cliff Mukucha Cliff Mukucha 2years $90
N/A Cole Taylor Cole Taylor $0
209th Colin Cooper Colin Cooper 5years $3,376
N/A Colin Jarratt Colin Jarratt 2years $0
4910th Colin Wilhelms Colin Wilhelms 7years $286
700th Connor King Connor King $1,871
6012th Connor Murtagh Connor Murtagh $104
3861st Connor Scholz Connor Scholz 2years $510
1228th Craig Brough Craig Brough $1,299
60th Craig Burr Craig Burr 5years $5,493
1929th Craig Foley Craig Foley 2years $964
422nd Craig Holtham Craig Holtham $2,461
238th Craig Sydney Craig Sydney 2years $3,191
1654th Craig Webb Craig Webb $1,075
N/A Crispian Radburnd Crispian Radburnd 3years $0
6337th Cristiano Mastropietro Cristiano Mastropietro $72
249th Dakota Harder Dakota Harder $3,135
6337th Dalton Hall Dalton Hall $72
N/A Damien Dyson Damien Dyson $0
5270th Dan Frost Dan Frost 2years $208