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Rank Name Raised
63rd Graham Purches Graham Purches $4,080.59
N/A Mike Rider Mike Rider $98.33
1585th Cody Herdman Cody Herdman $805
309th Mick Roberts Mick Roberts $2,161.35
709th Hazel O'Halloran Hazel O'Halloran $1,369.21
2429th James Gram James Gram $541.92
4734th Martin Cahill Martin Cahill $51.75
1891st Richard Ong Richard Ong $681.75
1306th Matthew Gamble Matthew Gamble $956.84
605th Grahame Keast Grahame Keast $1,507.69
N/A Fabien Lepers Fabien Lepers $0
N/A Mick Cassey Mick Cassey $0
824th Tobias Bateman Tobias Bateman $1,257.76
928th Troy Debrincat Troy Debrincat $1,178.05
4525th Hector Enrique Lupuche Oviedo Hector Enrique Lupuche Oviedo $72.45
971st anthony mclean anthony mclean $1,147.16
2165th David Gatwood David Gatwood $606.03
476th Michael Martin Michael Martin $1,706.76
678th David Eccles David Eccles $1,405.16
5034th John Swete Kelly John Swete Kelly $35