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Rank Name Raised
N/A Dimitrios Latinos Dimitrios Latinos $0
N/A Dinel Bun Dinel Bun $0
N/A DJ Parr DJ Parr $0
N/A Dom Buckman Dom Buckman $0
81st Dominica Thomson Dominica Thomson $70
N/A Don Cameron Don Cameron $0
N/A Donna Bonn Donna Bonn $0
N/A Donna Foyster Donna Foyster $0
N/A Dora Daniel Dora Daniel $0
175th Douglas Nowell Douglas Nowell $36
N/A Dylan Croucher Dylan Croucher $0
N/A Dylan Wood Dylan Wood $0
N/A Ebony Baskerville Ebony Baskerville $0
N/A Echo Nadin Echo Nadin $0
N/A Ed van Dijk Ed van Dijk $0
N/A Edd Smith Edd Smith $0
N/A Edelmar Bartolo Edelmar Bartolo $0
N/A Edgar Santos Edgar Santos $0
N/A Edward Thomas Edward Thomas $0
N/A Edwin Au Edwin Au $0