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Rank Name Raised
N/A W richards W richards $0
N/A W.D. Muir W.D. Muir $0
N/A Wade Moiler Wade Moiler $0
5455th Wajahat Mahmood Wajahat Mahmood $15
N/A Walter Smith Walter Smith $0
N/A Warren Amster Warren Amster $0
N/A Warwick Laing Warwick Laing $0
4911th Wayne Crosswell Wayne Crosswell $46
N/A Wayne Donegan Wayne Donegan $0
N/A Wayne Fuller Wayne Fuller $0
N/A Wayne Santo Wayne Santo $0
N/A Wayne Schenk Wayne Schenk $0
N/A Wayne Suryak Wayne Suryak $0
N/A Wayne Trim Wayne Trim $0
N/A Wei Lynn Yap Wei Lynn Yap $0
N/A Wellerson Duarte Wellerson Duarte $0
N/A Welton Wilkinson Welton Wilkinson $0
N/A Wen Fei Tee Wen Fei Tee $0
N/A Wendy Bertello Wendy Bertello $103
N/A Wendy Creevy Wendy Creevy $35