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Rank Name Raised
N/A Tennille Bishop Tennille Bishop $0
N/A Travis Christian Travis Christian $0
60th Vanessa Smith Vanessa Smith $70
N/A Adrienne Weeks Adrienne Weeks $0
102nd Alistair Davies Alistair Davies $35
N/A Allen Tuazon Allen Tuazon $0
N/A Amin Zidan Amin Zidan $0
N/A Anne-Marie Smith Anne-Marie Smith $0
40th Astrid Norton Astrid Norton $100
N/A Bec Cooling Bec Cooling $0
N/A Bee Ruii Bee Ruii $0
N/A Ben Hayes Ben Hayes $0
N/A Ben Hinks Ben Hinks $0
N/A Brianna Pastrikos Brianna Pastrikos $0
N/A Brinley Strong Brinley Strong $0
N/A Bryan Meaker Bryan Meaker $0
N/A C Tas C Tas $0
N/A Caitlyn Coman-Sargent Caitlyn Coman-Sargent $0
127th Cameron Mcdonald Cameron Mcdonald $21
N/A Charmaine Hughes Charmaine Hughes $0