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Rank Name Raised
N/A Jess Bromberger Jess Bromberger $0
N/A Abdi Iman Abdi Iman $0
N/A Adelaide Mendoza Adelaide Mendoza $0
N/A Adriana Cavalcante Apolonio Adriana Cavalcante Apolonio $0
N/A Akriti Garg Akriti Garg $0
N/A Alicia Leigh Roney Alicia Leigh Roney $0
N/A Anup Shakya Anup Shakya $0
N/A Ashley Rawiri Ashley Rawiri $0
N/A Beau Chandler Beau Chandler $0
N/A Bennet Sam Thomas Bennet Sam Thomas $0
N/A Bety i Ilioski Bety i Ilioski $0
N/A Chloe Rankins Chloe Rankins $0
N/A Christian Wu Christian Wu $0
3395th Codey Masset Codey Masset $271
N/A Daniel Dany Daniel Dany $0
N/A Devyani Kulkarni Devyani Kulkarni $0
N/A Dominic Djerke Dominic Djerke $0
5237th Gaby Hamilton Gaby Hamilton $25
N/A Geraldine Notman Geraldine Notman $0
N/A Gina Henley Gina Henley $0