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Rank Name Raised
271st Graham Dearing Graham Dearing $3,314
272nd Susan Bosch Susan Bosch $3,313
273rd Samuel Greaves Samuel Greaves $3,313
274th Sumit DSumit Sumit DSumit $3,298
275th Matt Simper Matt Simper $3,298
276th Cameron Blight Cameron Blight $3,292
277th Keren Douglas Keren Douglas $3,292
278th Bruce Glover Bruce Glover $3,282
279th Rachael Van Keulen Rachael Van Keulen $3,280
279th Willem Curwood Willem Curwood $531
280th Jack Purcell Jack Purcell $3,271
281st Rajinder Singh Rajinder Singh $3,269
282nd Ann Palmer Ann Palmer $3,255
283rd Liam Power Liam Power $3,254
284th Bradley Turney Bradley Turney $3,250
285th Fiona Wing Fiona Wing $3,243
286th Shaan Hayes Shaan Hayes $3,228
287th Mark Knowles Mark Knowles $3,216
288th Joey Anglin Joey Anglin $3,215
N/A Matthew Dunn Matthew Dunn $0