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Rank Name Raised
37th Frank Mannino Frank Mannino $35
37th Norella Lipponen Norella Lipponen $35
37th Sarah Hooks Sarah Hooks $35
37th Tegan Hansen Tegan Hansen $35
45th Brent Boyes Brent Boyes $25
45th Colleen Simm Colleen Simm $25
47th Evan King Evan King $20.70
47th Holly Thompson Holly Thompson $20.70
47th Janet Griffin Janet Griffin $20.70
50th Debra England Debra England $20
50th Mark Eamonson Mark Eamonson $20
50th Yannick Dufour Yannick Dufour $20
53rd Jeri Goodkin Dausey Jeri Goodkin Dausey $18
54th Kiandra Davis Kiandra Davis $10.35
55th Alexander Rodriguez Alexander Rodriguez $10
55th Christina Sandoval Christina Sandoval $10
55th Kelly Petersohn Kelly Petersohn $10
58th Joshua Grafton Joshua Grafton $5.18
59th Bec McNamara Bec McNamara $2
N/A aaron Lin aaron Lin $0