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Rank Name Raised
N/A Timothy Streatfeild Timothy Streatfeild $0
N/A Constant Van Wyk Constant Van Wyk $0
544th Mark Payne Mark Payne $1,588
3411th Peter Richards Peter Richards $267
4575th Eric Edward Eric Edward $70
2171st Geoff Payne Geoff Payne $604
521st Peter Thompson Peter Thompson $1,623
1398th Michael Stoetzer Michael Stoetzer $894
N/A Brendan Sullivan Brendan Sullivan $0
N/A Avin Jansen Avin Jansen $0
876th Daniel Herrero Daniel Herrero $1,214
5258th Neil Partis Neil Partis $21
4312th Dean Hays Dean Hays $100
1476th Robert Baines Robert Baines $855
1480th Nick Atkin Nick Atkin $852
N/A Archie Chen Archie Chen $0
N/A Liz Cussans Liz Cussans $0
1720th William Thomsen William Thomsen $753
N/A Jason Pontt Jason Pontt $376
88th Ilma Thorne Ilma Thorne $3,561