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Rank Name Raised
N/A Romain Couturier Romain Couturier $0
N/A Romain Moutier Romain Moutier $0
N/A Rommel Ilao Rommel Ilao $0
N/A Ron Acutt Ron Acutt $0
N/A Ron Castro Ron Castro $0
N/A Ron Galloway Ron Galloway $0
N/A Ron Overdevest Ron Overdevest $0
N/A Ron Williamson Ron Williamson $0
N/A Ronald Bolante Ronald Bolante $0
N/A Ronald Budimuljono Ronald Budimuljono $0
N/A Ronaldo Esclanda Ronaldo Esclanda $0
N/A Ronelle Kriss Ronelle Kriss $0
N/A Roni Parcon Roni Parcon $0
N/A Ronnie Johnson Ronnie Johnson $0
N/A Rory Toomey Rory Toomey $0
N/A Ros Allman Ros Allman $0
N/A Ros Segundo Ros Segundo $0
N/A Rosalie Reynolds Rosalie Reynolds $0
N/A Rosario Perez Rosario Perez $0
N/A Rose Ben Watts Rose Ben Watts $0